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Monday, May 10, 2010

Finding Out

So it is early morning on Friday April 23rd and we had been thinking that we might be pregnant but test after test for the last few days and they still came up with a Negative.

But this morning I went in and took a First Response pregnancy test and there was a little faint blue line. I really did not think it was really showing but I came out of the bathroom and let Chad know. He looked at me and was positive that I was not pregnant and that we should wait to take another one tomorrow. I rushed him out the door and ran upstairs to try and squeeze out another test on the Clear Blue. While I sat there with a the hour glass going. I thought, you better not be Pregnant. Seconds later, and "Pregnant" popped up on the little screen.

I instantly started bawling and could not believe it. After I calmed down enough that I could stop shaking and had wiped enough tears away, I took a picture of it and sent it to Chad and before he probably had time to respond I called him. I asked him if he got my text and he said to hold on. Long moments of silence and he asked if I was serious. I let him know that I took it and this is what happened.

Well as you can suspect that news travels fast and currently it is May 10th and I am 6weeks and 3 days along and on Wednesday it is our First Prenatal Visit. Can not wait to see how things go and we just hope for the best.

Wish us luck

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